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Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival weaves a rich tapestry of musical genres from all corners of the earth, complimented by live performance artists onstage. A mix of Middle East Afro-funk, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, French Cafe, Americana, Rock, Soul, and Gospel... 

Fablelore is a new band from Dark Folk songwriter and singer, Eli August. The bands sound is ethereal and earthy, melodic and story driven. All set in a world where hope crosses the wastelands of time in search of love lost. The woods murmur ancient secrets here, the wisp is the siren of the marsh and a whippoorwill whispers death!


A Halo Called Fred has spent the last two decades making the geekiest sounds ever to spring from guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware. Featuring songs about pirates, cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. They have lent their talents to Burlesque shows, motion picture soundtracks, a rock opera, and host the annual charity event "The Freaky Mutant Weirdo Variety Show". Specializing in counter-cultural and geeky conventions, the Halo is proud to bring musical joy to any gathering. From Setampunks to Fairies, Bikers to Furries, our message always rings true - "We Love You All!"


The Brinjal Band plays the exotic rhythms and enchanting melodies of the Middle East, often accompanied by beautiful belly dancing. We improvise fae songs.


Maugorn The Stray is a wandering minstrel who has collected a repertoire that spans many ages, lifetimes, and places.
He performs these songs an arsenal of instruments, sometimes several at once.
He might even know your favorite song! Just ask!

French Breton dance music rooted in tradition yet spiced with the modern.

Tower Green plays Renaissance inspired folk rock. Their trademarks are great harmonies and inspired musicianship. Based in the Greater DC Area.


The Greentop Ramblers are a Celtic band based out of the Maryland/Washington D.C. area.

Enchanted Wanderers 

Big Whimsy was born when long-time Renaissance Festival Performer and and Inventor of Odd Props, JOFFREY the GIANT teamed up with Nina Amaya and they discovered that the Magic was more fun with two. Or more. Sometimes lots more. 

As an instigator of fun & merriment, Soolah Hoops brings joy and a sense of play to the community through her love of sharing her hoops with everyone. Play with her hoops at Mythmusica, buy a hoop from her, or commission the hoop of your dreams!

Professor Greenman is both a Wizard Storyteller and an Educator, assisted by his furry friend Kwiplick, the Mythmusica Hobgoblin! Puns, jokes, stories, and Kwiplick’s “Good Faerie/Bad Faerie Test” all bring smiles! Ask a question about Faerie Folklore, and the Professor will answer with accurate historical teachings!

Fabularia provides casual Fare-friendly, Celtic, and traditional vocals and harp  music sure to please all the Fae

From Las Vegas, New York, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Beijing, Lyra has taken her magic all over the world! A combination of fun illusions, thrilling close up magic, and a touch of comedy, Lyra is your girl for all things magical entertainment!

Troupe 'Hip'notic, known for their charismatic, creative, and often theatrical performances, is an eclectic bellydance troupe based in southern Maryland

I formed the performance group MAHARAL in February 2010 and haven't looked back. I am also a proud member of The Amazing Stage Show and The Trongone Band. I play piano / synth, saz (Turkish lute), sitar and drums; compose for professional theatre, am a professional photographer, and sit on the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Holocaust Museum. I gig weekly with The Trongone Band and seasonally with my other projects.l

Dawndancer The light faerie is a wandering entertainer for fairs, festivals, and even some parties. She hosts games, stories and dancing, as well as loves to bring gifts for people.

Dr. Zack

Dr. Zack, aka Steampunk Robinhood, aka The Pointy Eared Artisan, is a leatherworker, story teller, world wondering do-gooder, and a general Zack-of-all-trades.

In addition to his work with the Charity Munchausen shows, Dr. Zack performs a unique form of interactive storytelling show he refers to as “Maskwork Storytelling” where through the use of hand made leather masks, audience members become the characters of the story. Dr. Zack also often wanders shows and faires contact juggling just to add that little extra magic to an event.

Fingerstyle guitar and slide guitar mixed with stories of Waz the Wizard. Performing as Wizard's Dream, Waz blends stories of the road and provides the soundtrack to life.

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