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From trading with ogres, swimming with mermaids, or listening to stories; check below for what our faerie market has to offer!

Mr. Mysterrio Show

Mark Mysterrio is a World Record Holder & Magician who got his start doing magic in 1986. He has toured with a Circus Sideshow and does countless family magic shows each year. He holds 3 world records and was called the ‘Nathan Lane’ of Magic by Award Winning TV Magician ROCCO.

Mr. Mysterrio checks the EGO at the door and makes YOUR child the star of The Mr. Mysterrio Show. Perhaps that is why Mark is one of the most requested magician in East Stroudsburg PA. Stop by our Mythica Faerie Market to see his show.

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Hamish the Ogre of The Ogre Trading Post

We are honored to introduce the Unseelie royal family of Baltimore Faerie Faire. King Hamish the Ogre of the Trading Post, Illustrator of Skin, friend of children, trader of treasures. Alongside him is Queen Kyani, harpy of the coastline, Guardian of the land of Broken Toys, Mother of all Misfit Children. King Hamish travels from market to market, trading his collection of wondrous objects. A child might acquire a stuffed unicorn for a song. Literally. ..Trading with an Ogre takes bravery,  but Hamish is a family ogre, and children love him.


So bring an item, tell a joke, do a dance, give him some advice, tell him a fun story then you get to choose an item in return. 

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King Aurelius Horatio Greenman

First of his name, King of the Seelie Faeries, Protector of the Lands Between, Headmaster Emeritus of the Peaceful Hollow Preparatory School for the Magically Inclined. But he  prefers "Professor." Come and visit him as he leads the opening ceremony welcoming all the children into the Faerie Realm. Then stop by his table to get your Fae name and be tested to see if you have any magical ability and attend the Peaceful Hollow Preparatory School. 

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Lady Lydia

Join Lady Lydia for a rendezvous of tea, tales, and laughter at Mythica Faerie Market -- a realm where every sip is a spell and every story a portal to whimsical wonders!

Peaceful Hollow Preparatory School for the Magically Inclined

Peaceful Hollow Preparatory School for the Magically Inclined (Peaceful Hollow Prep) is a magical school that teaches the young and young at heart about the magical realms that are around us. Our teachers take the time to explain their subjects with crafts and stories that entertain everyone. You can find us on the second cloud to the left, or at your local fair.

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Come visit our mermaids. Sing songs and learn why reuse, recycle, renew is so important for everyone in our Mermaid pod members. Onee and Greneta Pearl can’t wait to see everyone and take lots of pictures with you all.

Unicorn Dance Party with
Sparkles the Unicorn

What better way to get the sillies out than to join our unicorn Sprinkles and his friends at our Unicorn Dance Party. Follow along as he teaches the children and adults how to do the Unicorn Disco, teaches them the movements for the Unicorn Song, and leads the conga line around the market. 

Storytime with Fairy Venus

Throughout the day, find our shimmering Fairy Venus sitting at different spots, sharing 

some of her favorite stories about faeries, mermaids, and mythical beings. Interacting with everyone, you will just fall in love with her.

Drumming with Kevin Brown

​ Unlock your creativity and express yourself with drumming facilitated by Kevin Brown

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