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Magical Ethics -
Professor King Aurelius Horatio Greenman

In Magical ethics, the ethical use and practice of magic is fully explained, dissected, discussed, modified for each individual, reconstructed, and laid out in simple, easy to understand rules. Practicing Magical Ethics keeps utilizers from slipping into dark and unethical practices, thereby preventing further anomalies like Elizabeth Bathory, Edward Kelley and John Crowley.

Package Delivery in the Fae and Mundane Realms

Principles of Magical Ethics

"Without ethics, the warlock is little better than a beast with devastatingly powerful and potentially destructive abilities." -Schoolmistress Theodora Mandalay, author of Mistress Mandalay's Treatises on the Ethics of Magical Practice, Magical Ethics textbook, intermediate level.


Magical Ethics - The ethics of magical practice is considered the most important of all the magical disciplines.


Taught in all the major magical academies throughout the world, the study of ethics has five purposes:   


  1. To discourage any foray into the dark arts by impressing upon students the harm such magic can wreak, and warning of the hefty penalties imposed on anyone caught casting it.

  2. To encourage students to exercise great care when anywhere near sapiens, to prevent the exposure of magic in the non-magical community. It has been magical government policy for centuries to keep the existence of magic and magical practitioners hidden from sapiens, for the safety and wellbeing of both communities.

  3. To show students the true spirit of magic, and the way the Forces of Nature expect it to be used.

  4. To teach students the operation and duties of the Archonal Court, the body responsible for determining the guilt or innocence of those accused of crimes, and for imposing punishments, if required.

  5. To teach students the basics of magical law


High grades in Magical Ethics are required for all who seek admission to the Peaceful Hollow Advanced Studies in Magic, and to various other guilds associated with teaching.

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