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(And the answers, supplied by the Mythmusica Answer Goblin!)

What is Mythmusica? 

An amalgamation of Music Festival, Fairy Festival, and Weekend Campout. A Great time to be had. Lots of Fun. Something to be enjoyed. An event you don’t want to miss. All of these… 


What are the possible side effects of Mythmusica?

Possible euphoria, possible happiness, a possible sense of community, possible exhaustion, possible lengthening of ears.... possibly anything!


Is it a myth?

No, it's a hit!


Is it expensive? 

Not really – Where else can you enjoy yourself for three days for only $40? Where else can you and a whole carload of friends enjoy yourselves for three days for only $80? 


What If I don’t want to spend the whole weekend? 

Then you can attend Saturday only for a mere $20, or bring a carload of friends for only $40!


Are those prices for real? 

They are, as long as you buy them online before July 1st– after that, the prices will be going up…  


Are pets allowed? 

Of course they are, as long as they are kept leashed and you clean up after them. 


Should I wear a costume? 

Costumes are highly encouraged, but you can wear mundane clothing as well.


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

How you get there is up to you, but we strongly recommend carpooling – that both helps the environment, and with our carload pricing, saves you money! Parking spaces are limited, but again, carpooling helps… Parking is free! But Be warned -- parking anywhere other than our parking area (like along the roadway) will result in IMMEDIATE Towing! NO exceptions!


What can I bring into the event?

Friends, family members, lawn chairs, blankets, food, and beverages.


Can I bring flow arts? Hula hoops? Poi?



Can I Bring Fire Sticks?

Yes, but use ONLY with approval from our Fire Safety Fairy


Can I bring weapons or other props?

Patrons may bring foam or cardboard props (including prop model swords or similar). No heavy material (wood, metal, or similar) models or weapons are allowed. No guns, model or otherwise.


Can I smoke on site?

We will have a designated smoking area for those wishing to inhale carcinogens.


Can I bring a stroller or wheelchair?

Yes. Please be aware that the site, while rather flat, is still grassy and may be affected by weather. Mud happens when it rains. There WILL be a handicap accessible Portapot on site.


How can I contact the organizers with any questions?

Email - There may be a delay in getting answers due to how busy we are, but we will reply eventually.


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, but they will be much more expensive. Save money by buying in advance online before July 15th!


Are there chairs?

Chairs do exist, but if you want one at the festival, it’s best to bring your own.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Please bring proof of purchase -- either an electronic ticket, printed ticket, or the name of the person who placed the order to check in.

Is this event family friendly?

YES! This event is appropriate for all ages.

If my child is left unattended, to whom will they be turned over to?

Kwiplick wants nothing to do with unattended Children -- he finds them a bit gamey, and they require too many spices to make them better attended... However, he has suggested giving them boffers and giving them to the faeries for next year. 


Is it at the end of a rainbow?

It is at the beginning, middle, and end of a rainbow! In fact, it runs the complete spectrum!


Can I sleep in your yard? 

You could! For many events! However THIS one has camping onsite! 


Is there parking? 

There is FREE parking, but we strongly recommend carpooling. Space is a bit limited, so be warned -- parking anywhere other than our parking area (like along the roadway) will result in IMMEDIATE Towing! NO exceptions!


What are the facilities like in terms of food/ bathing/ tent and RV camping? 


We do have some food vendors, but if you are camping, bring food for Friday night and Sunday morning, just in case our vendors are only there Saturday


There will be a shower with on-demand hot water, but feel free to bring a solar shower bag and we will have a place to use it.

This is a very active camping event -- (so active, it's in tents... ) You can park an RV, but no hookups are available -- neither is electricity.  There will be a slight up charge for camping space if you bring an RV, as RVs are so much larger than tents.

Is there an EMT, security or emergency protocol? 

Every volunteer is given training in calling 911 for emergencies, and we are actively seeking an EMT service to be on site.


Is there a kids area and does it have the kind of supervision where I can go and do my own thing? What's the policy on bringing other people's kids? 

We are asking the adults to be responsible for whatever small beings they haul to the event, but there will be activities for younger children, like an area where they can be active and exhaust themselves.


How about my dog? 

Pets are welcome as long as they are leashed and cleaned up after...  


Can we bring dire wolves? The big bad kind? 

As many as you can fit in your pocketses. And maybe one ring? One ring, to rule them all? Why would you even need dire wolves at that point.... All dire wolves must be kept leashed and cleaned up after -- just like other pets.


What kind of treats should be brought to keep the trickster faeries out of my suitcase?

Every vendor was asked on their application if they will bring chocolate and we have Many Affirmatives! There are no guarantees regarding trickster Faeries, but if enough people pre-register and buy admissions, we may be able to hire Loki on contract to keep an eye on them... that's right! If we reach the LOKI BONUS LEVEL! (Only 31, 262 more tickets and it will be happening!)


Why does mythical music make my plants dance?

Hmmmm… I’m not certain.  I think I’ll defer this question to our resident Ent, who just so happens to be working in an alternate universe at the moment. Groot?

Is there a schedule of performances? 

There will be – definitely in the programs…


What is Brett Alexander Zwerdling doing? 

Getting ready for Mythmusica, we think…


Can we just hang out and jam should the mood strike us? 

During camping hours around the bonfire, sure!


What kind of a place is it? 

Baronage Farm is an event site for outdoor festivals, located near Townsend, DE.


How many myths were harmed in the making of Mythmusica?

No Myths were harmed, but a few Mythters stubbed their toes...


Do I get my money back in the event that the festival causes a sudden rift in the space/time continuum?

You do, but the currency you get back might be in noodles or sharpies. We are not responsible for shifts in currency due to rifts.


Are there still vendor spots available for July 27th?


As of July 9th, we are completely filled! Sorry, try earlier next year!

Will Mythmusica provide medical treatment in case of dragon's breath?

The organizers will pack mouthwash in case you get dragon's breath; thanks for the reminder ;-)


How far is Mythmusica from Baltimore?

93.8 miles, according to Google Maps. Your mileage may vary...


Can I bring my own water?

Yes. The site does have water, supplied from a well, but we have been informed that it is high in mineral content. Use your own judgement.

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