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Wolf & Faerie Productions

Multimedia Production Company

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Wolf & Faerie Productions is the umbrella company for ventures including Phantasy Photography, Wolf & Faerie Video & Audio Production, The Mythmusica Faerie Festival, Event Planning Services, Tiny Pagans Press, “The Peaceful Hollow Preparatory School for the Magically Inclined” Entertainment Group, and other various projects. Each of these ventures has been active for some time and will continue for the immediate future. By placing each of these ventures under this umbrella company, the owners intend to maximize profitability, engage new employees, and expand the scope of all that we do.

Prior to our 'official' start date of 2018, we partnered with other organizations to present festivals, publish books, and generally 'get our feet wet' in projects much like we do today. We hope to continue to build and grow with your kind support.

With Mythmusica 2024 right around the corner, we are looking for a little help to bring in the following acts. This way to the Egrass, A Halo called Fred, Sweet Maple singers and Ariel Inferno have agreed to grace our stage this year to entertain everyone but we are in need of a little help to make this happen. Any amount that you could donate would be very grateful as we would love this to be the best Mythmusica to date.

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