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Faerie Resilience: Reclaim Your Wonder by Nina Amaya

Find your joy! Techniques for appreciation, bliss, health and whimsy. Faeries and the hunter-gatherer ancestors of humans had a lot in common; come let’s talk about the possibilities of balance and pleasure in a world filled with concrete, junk food, traffic and cell phones.

Yoga in nature by Jude Asher (Ilexa Fae)

Start your morning off with a lungful of fresh air! Stretch and wake up with yoga teacher Jude Asher (Ilexa Fae) an all levels class for all folks. No equipment needed just bring your body and spirit. ( Jude Asher has taught Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for 30 years and loves every minute of it)

some extra mats will be provided, if you don't have a mat a towel is fine

Contact Juggling Skill Share by Dr. Zack

Come and get in touch with your inner goblin king. Whether you are just starting out and need to learn the basics, or are advanced and want to learn new tricks and techniques, all are welcome to come and play. Some practice balls will be available if you do not have your own.

Elements of Magic by Fern LoveJoy

Redefine your relationship with the natural world. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit have myths and legends of their own. Become a fierce advocate for the wild, learn how to use them in your daily practice and in festival settings. Cast a circle for protection, host an element for the weekend, and more.

Nature Walks/Nature Art by Ilexa Fae (Jude Asher)

We will walk to gather items to make art. Participants will have the option to make art on paper or in a box to take home from items found on these supervised walks. They may also take part in building a temporary shrine to nature.

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